Cyber Security and Analytic threats in AWS & Azure

Cyber Security and Analytic threats in AWS & Azure
By Bhupendra Rawat, February 17, 2023

The tools and capabilities provided by Microsoft's Azure cloud platform are known as Azure security. Microsoft also provides an Azure security center for its customers. This security center aims to act as a blockage against potential security threats to its customers. Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, two prime cloud vendors, provide the promise to reduce these justified security concerns so that organizations will reduce the concern on data centers, and improve workflow efficiency, guarantee scalability, among other advantages.

In this article, we will explore more in detail:

Comparison: AWS vs. Azure Security
The comparison of AWS Security vs Azure Security primarily focuses on the services in different aspects of cloud security. The areas to take into account for the comparison of AWS vs Azure services security are identity storage data encryption, key-based data encryption, access management, virtual private network, and monitoring.

Encryption: key based Data
The AWS Security vs Azure Security Defines in terms of key-based data encryptions bring Amazon KMS and Azure Key Vault. Both tools have support for key management. However,

In certain cases, you would need to provide control over the encryption and management of keys The positive side of this aspect is that pricing is similar on both Azure and AWS.

VPN(Virtual Private Network)
VPN is ideal for accessing a private network for data transfer between the data center and the public cloud. It has a role in Data Encryption. It offers an exception to Data security’s and direct connections are the two services that enable VPN.

Monitoring is a highly crucial tool for security in the cloud. It mainly focuses on cloud services and the applications they are supporting. Azure and Aws in terms of monitoring are almost similar, It is providing the organization of features.

Azure Monitor Metrics. Performance and log data are compiled into a single workspace by Azure Monitor Logs. The feature can operate almost instantly.

Azure Monitor Logs organizes log and performance data into a single workspace. The feature can operate in nearly real-time.

Benefits provided by Azure Security Center
Microsoft provides its Azure customers with a lot of benefits, some of which include:

Data Collection:
The security service also does daily scanning of VMs, to insure threat detection. It also stores this VM data in the customer's Azure storage account.

To avoid security rule violations, Azure security services also provide their customers with potential recommendations.

Threat Detection:
One of the many benefits Azure security center provides is the detection of threats. The service ensures threat detection by scanning daily VMs, malware, etc.

Resource Groups:
A resource group refers to the collections of resources, like storage, database, virtual network, and VM, which are essential for an application to run effectively. Azure security centers allow organizations to control and track the security of the growing servicing that are under constant threat of increasing the number of malware.

Benefits provided by AWS

Data Security:
All the data is highly secured in will provide strong safeguards in place to protect your privacy.

Meet the compliance:
AWS manages and provides dozens of compliance programs in its infrastructure. It helps to provide the compliance check so that it will help to provide the service a robust and executable.

Money is another factory where the AWS data Center is very useful. It provides a high level of security and helps in cost-cutting in organizational data.

AWS is the security scale with the AWS sage. It is quickly scaled no matter the size of the business. The AWS infrastructure is designed in such a way that it will keep your data safe and secure.

The conclusion is that both the client and the cloud provider are accountable for security



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