Guard Your Privacy from Evil Twin Attacks: Essential Tips for Protecting Yourself

Guard Your Privacy from Evil Twin Attacks: Essential Tips for Protecting Yourself
By Manasi Sheode, April 25, 2023

An evil twin attack typically is a spoofing attack which works by tricking users by connecting to a fake Wi-Fi point that poses itself as a legal network. Once the user is connected to an “evil twin” network, cybercriminals/hackers are able to access everything from their network traffic to private login credentials.

The name Evil Twin attack is given to their ability to mimic real Wi-Fi networks to the level that they look realistic and we cannot recognize the difference between real and fake networks. This type of attack is quite dangerous as it is nearly impossible to identify.

An example to be considered :

Let’s consider that a user decides to connect to a public Wi-Fi network at a local shop- can be a café or railway station. The user has used this network previously as well, so the user assumes it as safe and reliable. This time hacker/cyber-criminal sets up an evil twin network with an identical real-like name and a stronger signal than the real access point. The user connects to it despite it being listed as unsecured.

The user uses this network as it has a stronger signal ignoring all other factors. The user logs into their bank account to check their balance and later accesses their company’s portal to catch up on work. Because the user has not set up a virtual private network (VPN) to encrypt their data, the evil twin network allows the hacker to access their banking information and company website and this way the user is at a big risk!

Protect yourself from Evil Twin Attack! The following are the common ways :

  1. Use your own hotspot network (Safest Option): Personal hotspot is the safest way and a reliable way to use whenever you are travelling. This ensures preventing you from dangerous hackers who are trying to steal your confidential data.
  2. Never use Unsecured Wifi Hotspots: Even if you use public networks, Avoid using unsecured label wifi networks. This reduces the risk of getting hacked
    to a big level.
  3. Always disable Auto connect: If by chance the user has Auto connect enabled, it directly connects itself to these unsecured networks, which in turn might result in an invitation of serious evil twin attack.
  4. Use HTTPS websites only: Never opt for something which is just HTTP. HTTPS are end-to-end encrypted and are safe to use which prevents hackers/cyber criminals from accessing your data.
  5. Two-factor Authentication: By just adding two-factor authentication to your account is the best way to prevent these types of deadly attacks. Even if a hacker tries to get access to a user’s account, Two-factor authentication plays the role as a wall where the hacker will not able to able to access the system.

Despite all of this, if you still fall into such case, the user should immediately report your police department and mean time, immediately close the bank accounts to avoid any kind of financial loss.



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