Pen testing


This system blueprint is designed for Pen testing Tool developed by a company registered in Gibraltar, Spain called Deeshaa and is a part of the project documentation. It is one of several key project documents and it is used to identify not only the technical standards and guidance but also to understand flow of the application along with key schematics related to the project.


The idea behind preparing pen testing application by Deeshaa is to help the clients manage & automate the processes typically followed during a Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Test Assessment (hereafter referred as VAPT) in an efficient manner. This application provides the end-user to view the timelines of VAPT Assessments, helps to keep all reports & records of their VAPT assessments in one single platform along with the billing details. Adding to that, User-friendly dashboards, readymade industry standard questionnaires, managing multiple clients for VAPT assessments in single platform, establishing simplified processes for the client as well as the pen testers make this application an important tool for streamlining the VAPT evaluations.


Pen-Testing tool’s main purpose is to manage all your VAPT assessments at one place. It has various other features as follows:

  • Registration
  • Authentication and Authorization
  • Form validations (Contact, email, date, etc.)
  • Easy management of all VAPT security assessments.
  • Tracking and analysing previous assessments data within few clicks.
  • User-friendly dashboard.
  • Avoiding dependency on multiple mail communications.
  • Simplified approach for managing pre & post assessment formalities.
  • Easy to use reporting mechanisms.
  • Industry standard questionnaires uploaded for Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration tests.
  • Unlimited addition of users & clients.
  • Intuitive user interface (UI)
  • Helps identify KPIs within an organisation.
  • Option to download reports based on type of vulnerability.

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