Phishing Simulator

The objective of this document is to provide an overview of the Phishing Simulator Application. This Phishing Simulator Tool was developed by a company registered in Gibraltar, Spain called Deeshaa. This help section is used to identify the tool guidance and to understand the flow of the application along with essential schematics related to the project.

The motive behind preparing Phishing Simulator Application by Deeshaa is to help the clients implement, manage and send Phishing Emails so that employee security can be noticed quickly and effectively. Adding to that, maintaining the employee security status by sending the phishing email take much less manual effort and automating the processes has been achieved. This application also provides a platform to store the critical set of user data in a securely manner.


  1. Email Reminder: The tool can send mail as a notification of various tasks. The email will be sent during  

    • Registration 

    • Forgot password 

    • OTP verification 

  2. Two Factor Authentication 

  3. Expert Design Consultant 

  4. Email Notification 

  5. Audit Features 

  6. Display Overall Reports

  7. Display individual Reports

  8. Dynamic Design of Email content 

  9. Dynamic Design of Critical form content

  10. Customizable Tool Color scheme, Logo and Name

  11. Editable Tool Manuals

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