This DPIA Automation Tool is developed by a company registered in Gibraltar, Spain called Deeshaa. This help section is used to identify the tool guidance and to understand the flow of the application along with critical schematics related to the project.


Creating, distributing and analyzing DPIAs requires automation to efficiently achieve the content, guidance, workflows and integrations required to embed DPIA into your organizational processes efficiently. 

  • Simplify Assessments
    Get assessments done faster with automated workflows, pre-built templates and simple UI. 

  • Reduce Risk 
    Combine Questions-driven assessments to get the full picture of privacy risk and manage the workflows and controls to enforce mitigation of those risks. 

  • Demonstrate Compliance and Value  
    Get real-time insights and analytics to demonstrate compliance with regulators and generate metrics to show the value of your program to boards and executives. 

  • Mitigate Business Risk  
    As DPIA are submitted to the privacy office, the risk is automatically flagged and recommendations for remediation are provided. Risks are flagged using a configurable heatmap, which includes severity and likelihood. 

  • Measure Impact and Meet Regulatory Compliance 
    Gain full visibility of privacy projects across your organization to understand the sources of risk and measure the impact of your privacy program in mitigating these risks. Maintain a complete record of privacy program activities, which may be exported as a full report for any project conducted by the privacy team to speed up internal and external audits. 


The tool's features are as follows 

  1. Email Reminder: The tool can send mail as a notification of various tasks. The email will be sent during  

    • Registration 

    • Forgot password 

    • OTP verification 

    • Assessment completion 

    • At the time of Reviewer selection. 

    • On Reviewer accept the assignment 

    • On Reviewer rejection 

    • At the time of Re-open Request raise 

    • On acceptance or rejection of reopen request. 

    • At the time of Assessment Approval 

    • At time of send back to user. 

  2. Two Factor Authentication 

  3. Expert Design Consultant 

  4. Email Notification 

  5. Audit Features 

  6. Once DPIA is Approved the DPIA is locked 

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