The Learning Management System (LMS) tool helps companies provide everything needed to build and deploy virtual training, domain specific courses for your employees, partners, clients or whoever else you need to get up to speed on complex subjects. Implementing a Learning Management System or LMS allows companies to reach their entire audience, no matter where they are based. It is an excellent choice for all the organizations seeking to engage with their team, distribute information, and update their knowledge on various areas through this portal.  


1. Easy course management.
2. Tracking and analysing user data.
3. User-friendly dashboards.
4. Expanding knowledgebase.
5. Completion Certificate to showcase your skills.
6. Grants the feasibility to learn on various compliance areas.
7. Internal extended learning opportunities.
8. Can be used for public education or brand awareness.
9. Intuitive user interface (UI).
10. Easy organizational management.
11. Automated email configuration & notifications.
12. Calendar configurability to manage trainings.

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