BCP-DR program prepares the organization to handle effectively any major disruption by planning possible responses in advance. It involves identifying the critical functions and services the business delivers and planning for how to maintain or resume operations in any disruptive event/emergency (such as a power outage, fire, flood, or earthquake) or IT disaster.

Disaster Recovery plan is a recorded policy and/or process to assist an organization's ability to respond to and recover from an event that negatively affects business operation and regain usage of critical systems and IT infrastructure as soon as possible after a disaster occurs.


BCP-DR tool’s main purpose is to store all your business continuity plans and disaster recovery at one place. It has various other features as follows:

  • Registration 
  • Authentication and Authorization 
  • Form validations (Contact, email, date, etc.) 
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • Asset Management
  • Asset based business processes
  • Prioritized business processes
  • BCP-DR Threat analysis, Contact List, Call tree and other details management. 
  • DR Backup environment capacity management. 
  • BCP-DR Calendar
  • BCP-DR Revision History, Review & Approvals. 
  • BCP/DR plan distribution management. 
  • User Management. 
  • Organization Management. 
  • Dynamic theme and logo feature

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