Risk Management

This system blueprint is designed for Risk application developed by a company registered in Gibraltar, Spain called Deeshaa and is a part of the project documentation. It is one of several key project documents and it is used to identify not only the technical standards and guidance but also to understand flow of the application along with key schematics related to the project.

Background :
Since the pandemic, many employees are continuing to stay home even as restrictions are lifted, and businesses need to adapt to this changing landscape. Implementing a Risk Management System (RMS) allows companies to reach their entire audience, no matter where they are based. It is an excellent choice for all the organizations seeking for the organisation wide risk status in terms of risk identification and assessment, risk treatment plan and implementation. It also provides the residual risk details and  schedule for regular reviews for tracking the risk. This Risk Management System (LMS) is the software that Deeshaa has developed for companies to provide everything you need to build and deploy an online Risk Assessment, Treatment and Review system.. This system would help the companies in the readiness for ISO 27001, GDPR, NIST 800 and HIPAA standard compliance  managing organisation wide risk effectively


  1. Integration with Asset Register
  2. Tracking the entire risk life cycle from risk identification to mitigation & review.
  3. User-friendly dashboards.
  4. Point in time residual risk status.
  5. User wise, asset wise and duration wise risk classification
  6. Repository of mitigation for future reference
  7. Integration with Internal Audit
  8. Managing appropriate evidences within the audit form
  9. Track audit findings and current status
  10. Assist in configuration management and capacity building
  11. Can be used for regulatory, statutory and compliance audits
  12. Intuitive user interface (UI)
  13. Easy organizational management.
  14. Automated email configuration & notifications.

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