Supplier Assurance

Supplier Assurance provides a systematic approach to managing risk and due diligence at scale throughout your supply chain for customers, contractors, sub-contractor to work together to manage supply chain risk.

The need to carry out a supplier assessment in today's times is of paramount importance. It is also necessary to note that the need for supplier assessment isn't a one-time but an ongoing process to make sure that your organization & the supplier are working towards a mutual goal. Right from a small-scale business to a global operations team, the supplier assessment tool by Deeshaa shall help an organization to gain better visibility on processes, detect any issues or weaknesses in the process, reduce any supplier-related risks to the organization and also bridge the communication gap. This process is important both for the organizational employees as well as their suppliers to align the interests of both parties. Our tool ensures that we deliver quality, with flexible costs making it the right solution for your company.


  1. Email Reminder: The tool can send mail as a notification of various tasks. The email will be sent during  

    • Registration 

    • Forgot password 

    • OTP verification 

    • Assessment completion 

    • At the time of Assessment Approval 

    • At the time of sending it back to the user. 

  2. Two Factor Authentication 

  3. Expert Design Consultant 

  4. Email Notification 

  5. Audit Features 

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