SAP Business One

Combining finance, accounting, purchasing, sales, CRM, inventory and project management into one sector we present to you SAP Business One. Rationalise all key processes, increase control over your business with a software which is destined to grow with you, have a deep insight of your business, take real-time decisions in accordance with your information to achieve commercial growth. Convert all your data in an integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.


Cloud is becoming an increasingly popular deployment option for effective method of discovering the flexibility, scalability & cost effective solution. Many of our customers are already benefiting from adopting SAP Business One in the Cloud.
Key Areas :

  • Data security is in the hands of the vendor
  • Pocket - friendly
  • Less downtime during implementation
  • Greater stability and continuous updation

For those who prefer to keep systems in-house, SAP Business One is available fully on premise, supported by Deeshaa's team of SAP Business One experts.
Key Areas :

  • In control of data security
  • Greater ability for customization
  • Can reduce the initial price of the solution
  • You have more control over implementation process

Scope of SAP Business One

1. Purchasing

2. Finances

3. Sales

4. Reporting & Analysis

5. Inventory Control

6. Production Control & Management

7. Service Management

8. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

9. Project Lifecycle Management

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