Telecom Industry

The Telecom industry has compelling legal and regulatory information security requirements, there is an augmented spotlight on the subject of information security across telecom operators. Brand image and reputation are important assets in the telecommunication industry, as databases are full of sensitive personal information. Even minor performance issues can result in irreversible damages to users; data leaks unveiling billing, customer or transactional data can cause immeasurable negative impacts on customer loyalty and trust.

Financial Services

Banks and financial institutes, including insurance companies, are pressured to manage the bottom line while providing increasingly convenient online services and maintaining customer relationships. It is important for financial institutions to gain customer confidence in the increasingly threat-filled IT security ecosystem. Meeting security audit obligations and compliance regulations, such as Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) and the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), make data security in the industry increasingly complex, challenging and resource-intensive.

Health and Social Care

Healthcare providers have become primary targets for attackers due to the personal and financial nature of patient and employee information stored on extensive hospital IT networks. They can't afford their personal information to be stolen by attackers. Non-compliance with security regulations, such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), can result in exposure to security breaches, leading to unauthorized access, data and identity theft, and fraud.

Automobile Industry

Automobile companies are no exception to cyber-attacks. Cybercriminals, internal and external, attempt to breach companies' production networks to steal intellectual property, designs, R&D data, and supplier information and can cause immeasurable competitive damage resulting in financial losses. Non-compliance with global security regulations can result in exposure to security breaches, leading to the theft of confidential data and fraud.

Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturers can cost-effectively extend information security management capabilities and get access to the Information Security expertise they need to protect against threats. We can significantly reduce the number of security incidents and disruptions to your production systems resulting in more uptime and a secure environment for running your production.

Engineering Services

One of the most important business risks of the engineering services firm is losing their most valuable asset - clients and their own intellectual property in the form of digital designs. The notion of Intellectual property rights is not fully developed in most of ASEAN countries. Thus Engineering Service companies find it a major challenge to protect their product designs, processes and other critical information. We can help you in addressing these challenges due to our vast experience with clients from the engineering services industry.

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